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Wide use of kraft paper

by:XuanYing     2021-06-10
Many companies now use kraft paper bags to customize handbags. However, after the paper is determined, they can be printed or hot stamped, but many companies are stupid and confused about the laminating process. Laminated film is divided into two types: bright film and dumb film. The effects of the two different processes are different, and only two different laminated paper bags can be given to the merchants to let the merchants feel the difference. Both bright film and dumb film of kraft paper bags are added with a layer of film on the surface of the paper during the production of kraft paper bags. It can be transparent or frosted. The coated paper bags can be better waterproof and moisture-proof, but more The cost of a process is also relatively high. The difference between dumb film and bright film is that from the surface of the paper bag, bright film will reflect light, while dumb film will not. In kraft paper bag manufacturers, you can choose between filming and non-filming, matte film or bright film, and the price There is no difference, mainly because the effect of the paper bag is different.
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