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Why do clothing brands love paper handbags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-27
At present, in our daily life, when we buy clothes, the store always provides a handbag to hold the goods purchased by the customer. This is generally a paper handbag. With the rapid development of the paper packaging market in recent years, more and more businesses use paper handbags. So, why do businesses prefer paper handbags to plastic packaging? 1. Paper handbags are more environmentally friendly. Plastic bags are consumables in daily life. While providing convenience to customers, they also cause waste of resources and pollution to the environment. Relatively speaking, paper handbags are more environmentally friendly. Paper is a recyclable resource and is inherently biodegradable. 2. The paper handbag is easy to shape. With the development of economy, people's aesthetic level is also improving rapidly, paper bags are easier to shape and look more high-end. 3. Paper handbags are more beautiful. Paper packaging materials dominate the packaging industry because they have good printing performance and can print various brand LOGOs and exquisite advertising patterns, which play a very important role in product promotion. 4. Paper portable The bag protects consumer privacy. People buy personal items in the mall. It is very embarrassing to use transparent plastic bags to walk on the street at this time. Paper clothing bags can avoid this and protect the privacy of personal items. These are the reasons why many businesses prefer paper handbags. Professional custom paper clothing packaging for 10 years, if you have related clothing handbags, welcome to contact us, sales hotline:
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