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Why are the handles of the takeaway paper bags round?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-21
Take-out paper bags abound in daily life, and they deal with the problem of moving goods when people go out. However, everyone has noticed that the hand embankments of the paper bags are all round or rounded. Does this design have any unique meaning? The oval design is Taking full consideration of the human body structure and mechanics, the fingers of human beings are all inclined semi-elliptical shapes. If the hand-held part of the paper bag made by the take-out bag manufacturer is square and square, it will always be squeezed on the finger. On the rounded arc side, doing so will greatly reduce the customer experience. Or it may cause customers to stop using this take-out paper bag, which reduces the exposure of the store’s customized take-out paper bag. In the worst case, it may endanger the credibility of user evaluation due to the outflow of customer resources. The physical structure of other raw materials limits the possibility of other development trends. In addition to the first type mentioned above, you can directly open a clasp on the surface of the paper bag. I think many take-out paper bags have handles. Generally speaking, the structure of this kind of handle is either a round hole for threading. , Or just stick the portable rope directly on the surface of the takeaway paper bag. Open a round hole because it needs to be crossed and loaded after it is matched with each other. If it is a square hole, its load surface will be less than that of an ellipse, and the pressure difference will be greater than that of an ellipse, so it will break. The probability will be greatly improved. In terms of aesthetics in appearance, Founder is more suitable for packaging bags with a modern sense and a high rigidity design. The products made by take-out paper bag manufacturers usually do not have such a high rigidity standard because of the packaging inside. Things are more likely to be a little bit more likely. It is normal to open the paper bag and throw it away. Moreover, these soft industrial products are not rigid and immobile like cartons, and the reason why they are punched is exhausted. May use a round design with round openings. The circular design of the handle of the take-out paper bag seems to be accidental, but the purpose is to provide consumers with convenience. If you are troubled by searching for the perfect paper bag, please choose Lianxing Paper, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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