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Which one is more suitable for non-woven shopping tote bag or kraft paper tote bag?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-13
Recently, the editor has received many questions from customers, which one is better for non-woven bags or kraft paper bags? In fact, there is no such kind of paper bag, which is better. I think, only according to the purpose to see which is more suitable. Kraft paper bags are generally not covered with film. The hand-held can be paper hand-held, nylon hand-held or cotton hand-held; non-woven bags can be covered or uncovered. In the printing process, single-color, multi-color, and color printing can be used. In terms of cost, the same quantity of kraft paper bags is similar to that of non-woven bags, but kraft paper bags are more environmentally friendly; in terms of load-bearing capacity, non-woven bags generally have to bear more weight, and kraft paper is generally used for clothing and footwear. .
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