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What matters should be paid attention to in the production process of paper bag printing?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-04
Paper bag reminder should pay attention to the following aspects in the process of making paper bag printing. 1. When different types of paper bags need to be put together on a printing plate for printing, if the products with the same or similar tones are not put together in the same vertical position during the imposition, it may appear that the A product can meet the proofing standard, and the B product Basically close to the standard of the proofing draft, there is a slight color difference between the C product and the proof draft, and the D product and the proofing draft have a large color difference. Therefore, the warm, cool, and mid-tone products should be put together in the same vertical position during imposition to facilitate the printing of high-quality products. 2. When the paper bag pattern is imposition, if the non-graphic part of the carton is placed at the mouth, and the trailing tip is not a continuous image, if it is a flat screen or a solid ground, then the paper bag pattern is easy to produce 'ghosts' when printing. “Shadow” seriously affects product quality. At this time, the non-graphic part should be placed on the trailing tip, so that 'ghosting' will not appear. 3. When making paper bag patterns, it should also be noted that the carton product line should not be omitted in order to save film, but to rely on the printing and printing personnel to calculate the position of the grip and the finished product. This will greatly affect the production efficiency and may also be caused by exposure. The temporary negligence of the plate and printing personnel caused a major accident. Fourth, the paper bag pattern output film usually does not contain the marking line, but if the gripper and the trailing tip are blank, it will bring great inconvenience to the printing and positioning of the carton. In this regard, it is necessary to make a drawing rule marking line on the film. For packaging cartons that do not need to be mounted with corrugated cardboard, the drawing marking line is made on the side of the body; for packaging cartons that need to be mounted with corrugated cardboard, the drawing marking line is made towards the outside. 5. The paper bag pattern ensures that the film meets the printing requirements. After the film is output, carefully check whether the graphics and text on the film are consistent with the proofing draft (the carton die line used as the check standard must be standardized). 6. The paper bag pattern guarantees correct registration between different films. This is because a set of films is usually output in two times, and its register accuracy is easily affected by some objective factors. Once the output film has quality problems, it should be remade. 7. The paper bag should carefully compare the film and the proofing draft before printing. If the film density of the main color is too large, the exposure time during printing should be increased to avoid the heavier printing tone; if the density is too low, the printing time should be reduced. Exposure time, so as not to lose the dots and affect the color reproduction. 12 years of customized handbag manufacturer, because of focus, so professional! Official website: www.qgstd.com National Free Hotline: 139-0652-6950
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