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What materials are needed for paper bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-10
Nowadays, paper bags are not unfamiliar packaging bags in everyone's eyes. The sales market of paper bags is obviously very good in the future, because it is so green and environmentally friendly. In the future, I think most people will choose paper bags, but do you know what materials are in paper bags? Below, the host will introduce in detail which materials are paper bags? The specific materials of paper bags are: white cardboard, kraft paper, black cardboard Paper, bond paper and specialty paper. 1. The advantages of white cardboard: stable, durable, and very smooth. The color of packaging and printing is very colorful and full. White cardboard of 210-300 grams is common in paper bags, and 230 are often used. Gram white cardboard. 2. The material characteristics of copper paper: whiteness and smoothness are very good. The picture and interface should reflect the sense of layering when packaging and printing, but its solidity is far less than that of white cardboard. The thickness of coated paper commonly found in paper bags is 128-300 grams. 3. Advantages of wrapping paper: It has high toughness and stability, and it is not easy to tear. Kraft paper is usually suitable for printing some single-color or not colorful two-color paper bags. Common specifications are: 120-300 grams. 4. Advantages of black cardboard: stable and durable, the color is black, because the black cardboard itself is black, its major defect is that it cannot be printed in multiple colors, but it can Come to bronzing, bronzing silver and other processing technology.
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