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What issues should be paid attention to in the process of making kraft paper bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-22
What should be paid attention to in the process of making kraft paper bags? Many businesses now use kraft paper bags to make paper bags, which is to raise their brand height and become an environmentally conscientious company. From small to hand bag to large corporate social responsibility, they adhere to the purpose of protecting everyone's beautiful home, but If this kraft paper handbag is made in the process of ordering, it may be the opposite, and it will turn a handbag into a black stain. 1. Laminating, first of all, is a technical problem, which makes the laminating film not suitable for kraft paper materials, because the laminating will make the original uneven kraft paper surface, there is no way to completely empty the air, resulting in a lot of air inside, in the laminating Bubbles are generated after completion, which will affect the appearance, and there is also the problem of recycling. This layer of plastic film is not so easy to degrade and recycle. 2. Printing, the fact that printing is not environmentally friendly is not because of its recycling and degradation, but because the entire kraft paper bag is made in the production process, which will produce a lot of waste water and paint pollution, so printing is actually at the beginning of production. A process technology that runs counter to environmental protection, and it is very difficult to match with kraft paper bags and scalper paper. It is not very suitable for printing, so try to reduce the use of printing technology in the process of making kraft paper bags. , Is also an important message. So how to make kraft paper bags to express and protect their own brand products, you can use common sense hot stamping technology, whether it is hot black gold or hot red gold, it is also very fashionable and environmentally friendly when paired with yellow leather. The image is also erected. Paper bag sales hotline:
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