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What is the most concerned about custom-made paper bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-20
For every customer who wants to make portable paper bags, the most concern is the price of paper bags. The factors that affect the custom-made price of portable paper bags can be divided into the following categories: 1. Quantity, this is almost any paper bag manufacturer to inquire them I will ask, because for a single model, no matter how many paper bags are ordered, you need to make a printed version. The more the quantity, the less the printing price allocated to each paper bag, so the cheaper a single paper bag . 2. The materials of the paper bag itself are commonly classified into white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, and special paper. Generally, the price of white cardboard and coated paper is the same, and there is no big difference in materials. Kraft paper, domestically produced is cheaper, imported yellow kraft paper is also cheaper, even lower than the price of white cardboard, but a ton of white kraft paper is several thousand yuan more expensive than a meal of white cardboard, the price of white kraft paper bags Naturally it can't come down. Specialty paper is the most expensive material and it is rarely used. 3. Printing, although this has been mentioned above, it refers to the price of a single paper bag based on its color. As far as the paper bag printing industry is concerned, the price of color reconciliation, four-color printing (that is, printing in many colors) is the cheapest, followed by spot-color printing, and the most expensive is three-color or two-color printing. Of course, if the paper bag is printed on both sides, the price is doubled, and the final price is determined based on the area of u200bu200bthe paper bag. 4. Crafts, custom-made paper bags are commonly embossed, bronzing, dusting, and UV. Of course, their prices are also determined according to the area. If the area is the same, dusting is the cheapest one, the bronzing is moderate (the bronzing gold is more expensive), and UV is the most expensive process. Of course, different processes will definitely have different effects, which are usually done on the brand logo. Generally speaking, these factors are the most important factors that affect the custom-made price of hand-made paper bags. Of course, covering with bright film and sub-film, using paper cords, ribbons or round cords as handles will also have a partial impact on the price of paper bags, but overall there will be no difference Especially big.
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