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What is the manufacturing process of paper packaging bags?

What is the manufacturing process of paper packaging bags?


The key to the quality of the paper packaging bag is still its production process. How to make a good paper packaging bag, let's learn together.

Manufacturing process of paper packaging bags

The paper bag is made of polyolefin resin by wire drawing and weaving process, and then cut into a cylindrical or sheet substrate of different sizes after coating, and then the substrate is sewn into a round or square bag according to the design requirements. .

Paper bag is a flexible transport packaging container, which has the excellent properties of light weight, softness, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, and no leakage of plastic; it has sufficient strength in structure, is firm and safe, and is convenient for container loading and unloading operations , Adapt to the characteristics of mechanized operations, can be widely used in chemical, cement, grain, mineral products and other powder, granular, block-shaped packaging.

The status of paper packaging bags in today's society

What is the status of paper packaging bags in today's society? Let's take a look together. .

There are many types of paper packaging bags, a variety of paper materials, and many styles. In the packaging industry, paper packaging bags have become one of the most important packaging forms for shelf sales with brilliant colors, rich functions, and various forms of expression. The progress of the domestic paper bag machinery industry has greatly promoted the development of food and other industries. The development of these industries has in turn further stimulated the demand for the packaging market, and the packaging industry has gained huge market momentum. With the development of functional paper packaging bag materials and the continuous improvement of processing technology, paper packaging bags are playing an increasingly important role in many fields.

Nowadays, many industries are inseparable from packaging bags, and the country has always advocated the concept of green environmental protection, so paper packaging bags have become more and more popular.

Paper packaging bags are already indispensable in our daily lives.

paper packaging bags

Why paper packaging bags are popular

The emergence of large numbers of paper packaging bag is inseparable from the promotion of merchants and enterprises. Just like the advertising shirts everywhere nowadays, the paper bag is a mobile billboard with low cost and good publicity effect. For example, some businesses have printed their own marks, addresses, phone numbers, business scopes, etc. on paper bags one by one, giving them a striking display and playing an excellent publicity role. As for the distribution of paper packaging bags with the sale of goods, the intention is self-evident. The paper bag is also a window reflecting people's consciousness of life. When the environmental protection problem becomes more and more serious, environmental protection awareness is also reflected in the design and manufacture of paper bags. For example, a paper bag in a clothing store has an ocher body and a simple and elegant paper rope. The paper packaging bags are completely made of kraft paper, and the recovery rate is high. They will not pose a threat to the production environment like plastic bags. Such paper bags are very popular.

Benefits of paper packaging bags

1. The use of paper packaging bags instead of plastic bags is beneficial to environmental protection. After use, paper bags can be recycled, but general plastic bags are not allowed, so the use of paper bags is more in line with the current environmental protection call.

2. More hygienic, plastic products will emit harmful substances when they are used, especially when you use plastic to hold some hot drugs or food, it is easy to emit some harmful substances at high temperatures, but it is safe to use paper packaging bags A lot, we can find that many food and beverage industries have begun to use paper packaging bags to store food instead of plastic bags, such as some fast food restaurants, and KFC McDonald's, they use paper packaging bags to store food.

3. Paper bags look more upscale. If you go to a small shop to buy things, the bags they give you are usually plastic bags, but if you go to some high-end brand counters to buy goods, you will find that they are all Use professionally designed paper bags, and you don't feel more classy or textured when using paper packaging bags. Of course, the use of paper packaging bags is more cost-effective.

The above is an introduction to the related knowledge of paper packaging bags, I hope to help everyone.

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