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What is the general size of the tote bag?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-14
The unfolded drawing refers to the figure obtained after the surface of the space body is flattened on the plane, which is a content of the study of descriptive geometry. For parts made of sheet materials, in addition to the multi-faceted orthographic projected view to show the shape of the part, an expanded view is also needed to show the shape of the sheet before the part is made. Drawing an expanded view based on the multi-faceted orthographic projection of the part is essentially to obtain the true shape of the surface. 1. Extra large tote bag size: 430mm (height) *320mm (width) *100mm (side) · 2. Large tote bag size: 390mm (height) *270mm (width) *80mm (side) · 3. Medium Handbag size: 330mm (height) * 250mm (width) * 80mm (side) 4. Small handbag size: 320mm (height) * 200mm (width) * 80mm (side) 5. Small handbag size: 270mm (Height)*180mm(Width)*80mm(Side) Customized portable paper bag selection, free design, nationwide delivery. Paper bag factory, 11-year paper bag custom manufacturer, 16 quality inspection control, 3 hot melt adhesive design, national service hotline 139 -0652-6950. Advanced production equipment, 7 days delivery, paper bag customization, rest assured.
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