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What is a paper bag? How do companies use hand-held paper bags for publicity?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-18
Category: There are too many types of paper bags, various types of paper raw materials, and many styles. According to the materials, it can be divided into: white cardboard paper bags, white board paper paper bags, bond paper paper bags, kraft paper paper bags, and a small amount of special paper production. According to the side of the bag, the bottom and sealing forms are different: there are four types of paper bag types: open seam bottom bag, open end adhesive corner bottom bag, valve type suture bag, valve type flat hexagonal end and bottom adhesive bag. Depending on the handle and the method of digging holes: NKK (perforated and threaded), NAK (non-hole and rope, can be divided into non-fold and standard fold type), DCK (cordless bag body digging handle), BBK (With tongue and no punching). Different according to the main purpose: involving file bags, envelope bags, hand bags, cement bags, concentrated feed bags, wax paper bags, organic fertilizer bags, laminated paper bags, four-layer wrapping paper, medicine bags, clothing bags, food Bags, shopping bags, gift bags, water and wine bags. The main purpose is different. There are many requirements for the designed specifications, models and sizes, including the thickness of the paper bag paper. The reason why it must be customized according to the specific conditions, to achieve half the effort, the purpose of economic development is suitable, for material reduction, saving, environmental protection and energy saving , The company's capital investment has shown a large amount of safety guarantees. Other paper bags: including cement bags, concentrate bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags, laminated paper bags, four-layer paper bags, medicine bags, fine packaging paper bags, clothing paper bags, gift bags, and food bags. How do companies use hand-held paper bags for publicity? The content has an advertising role and is a major feature of non-woven shopping bags. Hand-held paper bags are printed in brighter colors and express clearer themes, and they are firm and durable. They are simply 'mobile'. 'Advertising bagsThe first point is that the design and production of creative paper bags cannot ignore the appearance design. This is an important condition for creative paper bag products to attract everyone’s attention. Beautiful appearance will become a key factor for people to choose creative paper bag products. Kraft paper bag products with creative design will be more popular and welcomed by everyone. The second point is that in the design and production of creative paper bags, emphasis is placed on the design of creative paper bag product styles. Diversified creative paper bag products will be more popular with everyone, especially some kraft paper bags with different shapes. The most popular object of consumers. The third point, the design and production of creative paper bags should also pay attention to practicality. We all know that most of the products we usually use paper bags are used for product packaging. Therefore, practicality and robustness are also very important points in the design and production of creative paper bags. , Is also a key factor in the quality of creative portable paper bags. Is it necessary for an enterprise to customize portable paper bags? A company’s strategy determines the future direction of the company. Making good use of portable paper bags can effectively support the implementation of the business owner’s strategy. Activities, gifts, meetings, daily expenses, and this series of activities all require the cooperation of paper bags. Which occasion is more suitable for this grade of paper bags must be carefully considered. For example, the dealer conference is aimed at franchisees, the Mid-Autumn Festival event is aimed at new customers, and the daily expenses are aimed at regular customers. These customers are not the same. The grade and price of hand-made paper bags are naturally not ordinary, so we are asking about the high cost of hand-made bags. When it is not high, we must first ask if the paper bag at this price is suitable for each frame under our strategic layout.
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