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What factors will determine the price of kraft paper bags when customized

by:XuanYing     2021-06-23
Kraft paper bag customization firmly believes that everyone is most concerned about price. Then how is the price of customized kraft paper bags combined, or what aspects will affect the customized price of kraft paper bags. Let's follow the web editor to take a look. Consumers who often make kraft paper bags must have encountered such problems. The specifications of my design plan have not changed a lot, sometimes even smaller, but why the price has not changed. Sometimes I will make copies of 1,000 kraft paper bags, but the price difference between 1,000 for three models and 1,000 for one model is very different. What are the reasons for those problems? Today I will briefly analyze some of the factors that affect prices. First, the price must be related to the utilization rate of raw materials. We understand that paper cannot be infinitely wide. For convenient transportation and adoption, we need to set fixed dimensions. When you want to make kraft paper bags, we have to fill them. When the outer dimensions of the kraft paper bag match the specifications of the cardboard paper, your utilization rate will be the greatest. Conversely, if the size of your kraft paper bag and the paper type of the original material are free, then the remaining paper becomes waste paper. Although it cannot generate economic benefits, it cannot generate economic benefits. It is still included in your cost. Secondly, kraft paper bag packaging and printing is unique. Sometimes you will have an additional large number that has a great impact on the product. The other total number of kraft paper bags and non-serial number of kraft paper bags require computer fees, mold fees and printing fees. Although they look very similar, they are basically two versions. The larger the number, the lower the cost-sharing will naturally be, so this is the specific situation. Why is the price difference between 1000 3 models and 1000 models so big? Do you think the design of kraft paper bags with the same design is not effective. It can only be accepted by processing plants.
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