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What are the classifications of paper bag printing

by:XuanYing     2021-06-04
What are the classifications of paper bag printing? Generally can be divided into three categories, four-color machine paper bag printing, single-color machine paper bag printing and two-color machine paper bag printing. Which printing method is used when customizing the paper bag? What are the differences between these types of printing classifications? Let's listen to it together. Single-color machine paper bag printing, two-color machine paper bag printing, four-color machine paper bag printing, through a simple introduction, we know that when custom-made paper bags, you should choose monochrome machine paper bag printing, two-color machine paper bag printing or four-color machine paper bag printing.
Which is more suitable for non-woven shopping tote bag or kraft paper tote bag?
Recently, the editor has received many questions from customers, which one is better for non-woven bags or kraft paper bags? In fact, there is no such kind of paper bag, which is better. I think, only according to the purpose to see which is more suitable. Kraft paper bags are generally not covered with film. The hand-held can be paper hand-held, nylon hand-held or cotton hand-held; non-woven bags can be covered or uncovered. In the printing process, single-color, multi-color, and color printing can be used. In terms of cost, the same quantity of kraft paper bags is similar to that of non-woven bags, but kraft paper bags are more environmentally friendly; in terms of load-bearing capacity, non-woven bags generally have to bear more weight, and kraft paper is generally used for clothing and footwear. .

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