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What are the characteristics of paper bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-05-30
In the current world of colorful paper bags, many people don’t know what are the characteristics of paper bags? What are the following points for paper bag collection? Characteristics of paper bags 1. It is biodegradable, but plastic bags cannot; 2. The raw material used for plastic bags made of polyethylene is petroleum, which is already our scarce energy source. In contrast, the raw material for the production of paper bags is trees, which is a renewable resource. 3. The process of producing paper bags will cause more serious water and air pollution problems; 4. Recycling paper bags will also consume more energy; 5. If you use landfill to dispose of waste paper bags , It is equally difficult to degrade.
How are paper bags produced?
In the environment where everyone’s awareness of environmental protection of paper bags is getting higher and higher, but for some companies who used plastic handbags before and want to change to paper bags, they don’t know how to use paper bags to convey corporate information and how to design A paper bag of its own. Let me tell you, how is a paper bag with a soul produced? The basic process of producing hand-held paper bags is as follows: first understand the customer's needs, and then the professional designer arranges plate making, the customer determines the design draft, and then produces the sheet. The customer places an order to buy paper, prints, laminates, die-cuts (indentation), paste bags, perforate, and wrap with rope; According to different requirements in the middle, there may be some hot stamping, bumps, embossing, steam eye and other processes.

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