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What are the advantages of different printing methods of paper bag manufacturers?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-03
I believe that many people have been or are worrying about which printing method to use. Today, the editor of the paper bag manufacturer will introduce to you the advantages of different customized printing methods for handbags. Specifically, there are the following aspects: 1. Letterpress printing Letterpress printing is a direct printing method using letterpress printing. Since the graphic part of the printing plate is obviously higher than the empty part, the letterpress printing can attach thicker ink, and press the ink into the pores of the paper through a greater pressure (except for flexographic printing), so the embossed product It has the characteristics of clear outline, powerful strokes and bright ink colors. Toppan printing uses movable type plates printed with lead alloys, copper-zinc plates, photosensitive resin plates, rubber relief plates, flexographic plates, etc. The printing machinery used has flat pressing type, round pressing type, and round pressing round type. 2. Gravure printing Gravure printing is a direct printing method using gravure printing. The blank part of the gravure printing plate is higher than the graphic part and in the same plane. When printing, the entire printing plate surface is coated with ink. 3. Squeeze printing Squeeze printing is a direct printing method that uses a perforated plate to print. The graphic parts on the perforated plate are composed of perforated oil or mesh, and the non-graphic parts are composed of an ink-blocking mask. 4. Lithographic printing Lithographic printing is an indirect way of printing with lithography. The printing plates used in lithographic printing include protein plates, gravure plates, PS plates, stone plates, and so on. The printing presses used in lithographic printing are all circular presses, except that the proofing machine is a circular flattening type. Focused on custom production of handbags for 12 years, because of focus, so professional. Official website: www.qgstd.com National Free Hotline: 139-0652-6950
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