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Tote bag custom printing, gift bag special edition custom

by:XuanYing     2021-06-28
1Advantages of one-stop service from printing a handbag to making finished products! Our company has Japanese Mitsubishi two-open four-color offset press, Heidelberg side-by-side four-color offset press, Roland 800 high-speed 7+1UV printing press, fully automatic coating Film machine, automatic creasing machine, hot stamping machine, paper cutter, box gluing machine, bag sealing machine, etc.; and effectively solve the double profit indoor space of importers, contractors and manufacturers for you. Larger pure profit margins! 2 Advantages 2 The way to receive orders from the internet for handbag printing, this method effectively manipulates the expensive costs incurred by the company’s business offices abroad, and significantly saves you the cost of making handbags. ! 3 Advantages Three are hand-made partly, relying on China Printing City-strong foreign personnel, which greatly reduces the cost of hand-made production, and effectively saves you the cost of handbag processing! 4 Advantages Four Bag design, the company has many years of professional technical professional handbag design staff, independent design, production, typesetting design, and then save you the related costs of handbag design and production. 5 Advantages 5: Handbag printing loss. The company has excellent packaging and printing professional and technical personnel, which greatly reduces the cost of raw material consumption. Therefore, the printing price of handbags made by people is much lower than the market price. The classification of bags Generally, handbags can be divided into paper handbags and non-woven handbags. Especially non-woven handbags, with the increase in the meaning of green and environmental protection in all social development, they are more and more commonly used. , in particular, are used to carry clothing items and are conducive to carrying. Its carrying effect determines its material and situation. According to the application data, it can be roughly divided into: paper handbags, plastic bags, cloth bags, small baskets and small baskets in general.
However, with the increased prevalence of promotional bags, it has become far more affordable.
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