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The size requirements of custom-made paper bags and the correct choice of manufacturers

by:XuanYing     2021-06-02
In our lives, whether we go to some specialty stores or food stores, after we buy things, the salesperson will help us put things into paper bags, and because of this, more industries have begun to develop their own paper bags. So how much do we know about the knowledge of paper bag customization? Let’s take a look with the editor below. The following is an introduction about 'the size requirements for custom-made paper bags and the correct selection method of the manufacturer'. Custom paper bag manufacturers help you choose a good printing factory: Smart customers know that they have to take the initiative to communicate with possible problems and raise a large number of possible problems, and ask all the possible problems that the paper bag manufacturer has not covered in advance. . If you can find a professional, you can get a paper bag solution, which can save you worry and a lot of worries. I think what you need to find is a professional, reliable, and experienced paper bag custom-made manufacturer as a partner. For you who have no experience in custom-made paper bags, it is necessary to find a good paper bag factory. Sum up the following points, I believe it will help you find a good custom-made paper bag printing factory. 1. Consider the problem from a long-term perspective. Find a paper bag factory that can be carried out in the long run for yourself. First, find a paper bag factory whose equipment and services can meet your needs. The paper bag factory will try to make you satisfied-otherwise it will lose its business. Some customers regard paper bags as a consumer product, but in fact, the quality of paper bags depends entirely on the capacity of the paper bag printing plant and the customer's emphasis on the quality of paper bags. (A small paper bag can increase the value of the product by more than 1 time) 2. Finalize every detail Write out detailed paper bag parameters, every detail is very important. The printing effect you require is closely related to the printing instructions you provide. Only when you work with the paper bag factory to improve all paper bag parameters, you can get the ideal paper bag product. Keep in mind that changes in paper bag specifications can reduce costs while also increasing costs. (One piece of paper makes 2 paper bags and one piece of paper makes 1 paper bag. The cost is very different. Try to use one piece of paper to make 2 paper bags when designing paper bag specifications.) 3. Consider all aspects of shipping. How to reach the customer's paper bag will not be damaged. Whether the logistics can be in the hands of customers, whether the logistics services can bring customers a high-quality experience, etc. 4. Proofing first, and then mass production of proofing, this matter is very important, someone must be responsible for all the proofreading thing. The responsibility of proofreading is in the hands of the customer, not the paper bag factory. Every paper bag and every design draft produced by the paper bag factory needs to be corrected. Develop a checklist to ensure that every important element appears in the inspection proofing list, especially the company's name and address, date and location, telephone number, and product price. If an error occurs in the proofing, and the responsibility for the error lies with you (not the paper bag factory), then you have to bear the cost of re-proofing. 5. If the printing quantity does not reach the minimum order quantity, please give up printing paper bag factory profit is very low, mainly relying on quantity to survive. If your printing quantity is not up to the MOQ, the machine fee will be higher than the printing cost. At this time, it is more cost-effective to give up printing and buy some general-purpose paper bags on the market. You can make some brand LOGO stickers. Glue is attached to the general-purpose paper bag. Custom-made paper bags have different sizes to choose from: the size of custom-made paper bags is generally how big, the unfolded drawing refers to the figure obtained after the surface of the space body is flattened on a plane, which is a content of the study of descriptive geometry. Custom-made portable paper bags For parts made of sheet materials, customized portable paper bags need to use multi-faceted orthographic projections to represent the shape of the parts, as well as an expanded view to indicate the shape of the sheet before the parts are made. The size of the portable paper bag is drawn based on the multi-faceted orthographic projection of the part, which is essentially to obtain the true shape of the surface. 1. Extra large paper bag size: 430mm (height) * 320mm (width) * 100mm (side) · 2. Large paper hand bag size: 390mm (height) * 270mm (width) * 80mm (side) · 3. Medium Handbag size: 330mm (height)*250mm (width)*80mm (side) 4. Small portable paper bag size: 320mm (height)*200mm (width)*80mm (side) 5. Small portable paper bag size: 270mm (Height)*180mm(Width)*80mm(Side) The introduction of 'custom-made paper bags can help you choose a good printing factory' and 'custom-made paper bags have different sizes to choose fromThe size requirements and the correct selection method of the manufacturer' help.
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