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The price of paper bags depends on the following factors?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-06
For many companies and individuals who are making paper bags for the first time, they want to make a different paper bag, but they are most concerned about the price of paper bags. The editor collected factors directly related to the price of paper bags. The price of paper bags depends on the size, material, quantity, printing patterns, surface craftsmanship, handles, etc. of the paper bags. The most common materials are white cardboard, kraft paper, coated paper, etc. Usually the price of kraft paper bags is relatively low at 1.00-2.00 (depending on the size), while the price space of white cardboard and coated paper handbags is relatively large: usually Around 1.50-3.00 yuan, the price may be higher if there are more special requirements for craftsmanship and special handles. If it is a customized paper bag quantity, the price will also be relatively large.
How are paper bags produced?
In the environment where everyone’s awareness of environmental protection of paper bags is getting higher and higher, but for some companies who used plastic handbags before and want to change to paper bags, they don’t know how to use paper bags to convey corporate information and how to design A paper bag of its own. Let me tell you, how is a paper bag with a soul produced? The basic process of producing hand-held paper bags is as follows: first understand the customer's needs, and then the professional designer arranges plate making, the customer determines the design draft, and then produces the sheet. The customer places an order to buy paper, prints, laminates, die-cuts (indentation), paste bags, perforate, and wrap with rope; According to different requirements in the middle, there may be some hot stamping, bumps, embossing, steam eye and other processes.

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