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The handbag printing factory tells you how to choose custom materials for paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-15
Following the promulgation of the “Plastic Order” of the country, paper bags have given full play to more and more critical functions in everyone’s lives. At the same time, many companies have displayed the brand image of the company and the brand image of their products in the minds of customers. All choose custom-made paper bags. First of all, as a handbag printing company, what people want to tell everyone is that the most common grade of paper we commonly use is copperplate paper, which has a firm texture, usually 210 grams in thickness, and a net weight of 3 to 5 kg. There is no problem at all. Of course, when your product is leather or other heavy objects, the actual effect of using 250 grams of single copper paper will be more stable. Since the surface of coated paper is smooth and clean, the actual effect of packaging and printing is very good. The price is still affordable, and enterprise products that usually require large quantities of pictures as an illustration can choose this kind of raw materials to make your product's paper bags customized raw materials. Specialty paper is a relatively unsuitable raw material. Its product quality is much heavier than coated paper. The traditional thickness is 175 grams. The actual effect of packaging and printing is not very good. Without coating, the key product selling point is fixed. Immovable texture. The price is much higher than that of coated paper. In recent years, many large and medium-sized domestic well-known brand clothing bags have universally begun to use about 180 grams of white kraft paper. As a handbag printing factory, I deeply analyze their use of white kraft paper. In addition to the fact that there are more kraft paper produced overseas. , This kind of paper bag is easy to use, and the size is not very large. However, the load capacity of white kraft paper is much smaller than that of coated paper. The actual effect of packaging and printing is not as strong as that of coated paper. Because the surface texture is called rough, the reason why white kraft paper generally does not need to be coated. As everyone knows, because it is very environmentally friendly, the cost of the product is very high. Its price is the largest among all kinds of raw materials. Foreign gift bag manufacturers often import such raw materials. In this case, light yellow packaging paper raw materials are also used. The price is more cost-effective than white leather, but the actual effect of packaging and printing is worse than that of white leather. The imported kraft paper on the raw materials of paper bags is better than domestic ones. Then someone will ask, the annual output value of my products is not high, and it is not worth choosing such expensive corporate products. I am doing reasonableness. As a technical professional handbag printing factory, my suggestion is that you can also choose gray. The price comparison of board paper and single-sided gray board paper is worthwhile, and this can be said to be the most cost-effective raw material for paper bag customization. Single gray paper, to put it bluntly, means that the other side is milky white, one side is dark gray paper, the minimum thickness is 250 grams, the hardness standard is much softer than the previous types, and the packaging printing is similar to white cardboard, but also needs to be covered with sub-film. The side white board is similar to the gray board, but both sides are milky white, and the middle is dark gray raw material, which is more expensive than the gray board. In the case of low requirements, it can also be faked whiteboard paper. There are so many raw materials for paper bags, and people will have time to chat with everyone in the future. However, when selecting raw materials, we must pay special attention to conformity with the grade of the product. We don’t have to blindly follow the trend in the pursuit of perfection and cheap prices. If necessary, we must confirm the samples with the manufacturer to ensure the actual effect of the mass produced. Try to avoid the problem of 'the product does not match the expected imagination'.
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