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The attitude that paper bag manufacturers should have

by:XuanYing     2021-06-02
What a great conversation, let me take a screenshot and show it to everyone. Looking for good news in the crisis predicts the trend of the crisis earlier than others. Reporter: The financial crisis has affected the development of many companies. Yuanxing is operating well because its main market is in China and there are no strong competitors. It is understood that Yuanxing is actively preparing for the domestic listing. At the same time, you also hope to build Yuanxing into China's largest environmentally friendly paper handbag professional enterprise. What preparations has the company made for this? Hong Qilin: With the current economic situation, it is a critical juncture to compete for the strength of business owners. At this stage, the determination of entrepreneurs is particularly important. It requires not only wisdom, but also the inner quality of knowing the destiny. To know the destiny well is to grasp the macroeconomic policies, to have a keen response and decisive decision, and to collect information from multiple channels. During this period, we must look for good news in the crisis. It is necessary to save expenses, save resources, study the market and self-study, and seek benefits from resource management and personnel management. For crises that cannot be avoided, we should adapt to it, make use of it, and predict the trend of the crisis earlier than others. When an enterprise grows to a certain stage, going public is an inevitable choice that conforms to the law of enterprise development. By going public in this way, more shareholders and the society can share the history of Yuanxing's growth into China's largest professional handbag printing and packaging company and the value and profit it brings. Yuanxing's evolution from a wholly foreign-owned enterprise to a joint-stock enterprise is also conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise. To this end, Yuanxing must make active preparations in many aspects. We put innovative thinking in a very prominent position, and innovated products and technologies, concepts and management; in the face of the financial crisis, we also innovated our business ideas. Custom-made paper bag manufacturers, adhering to the principle of 'talents are our first resource. . . Official website: http://www.qgstd.com National Free Service Hotline: 139-0652-6950
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