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Safe operation of cartons is very important

by:XuanYing     2021-06-06
When Mr. Song, who works in a carton custom factory in the city, was working overtime at his unit, a stack of cardboard boxes about 2 meters high and weighing more than 300 kilograms suddenly fell over and hit him, causing his small intestine to split with a diameter of 0.6. Cm gap. At present, Mr. Song has been out of danger. At about 9 o'clock that night, Mr. Song and several colleagues stacked the cartons just off the assembly line into stacks of more than 2 meters high for forklift transportation. Perhaps because the cardboard boxes were too high, the forklift had just shoveled the cardboard box stack off the ground. Under the action of inertia, it suddenly fell forward and overwhelmed Mr. Song who was standing next to him. After the colleague found out, he immediately opened the cardboard box and rescued Mr. Song who was buried in it. A colleague rescued Mr. Song and found that there was no trauma on his body, but he kept groaning while covering his abdomen with his hand. His colleagues immediately sent him to Rongcheng People's Hospital for rescue. The doctor found that Mr. Song had a crack in his small intestine with a diameter of about 0.6 cm. What is the intestinal content? ? It has flowed into the abdominal cavity and will be life-threatening at any time, so I decided to have surgery on it immediately. According to Mr. Song’s colleague, the unit is rushing to make a batch of packing boxes, which are ready to be loaded and shipped out that night. Since there is no combination of paper bags and cartons, one carton weighs more than 3 catties, and a carton stack weighs more than 300 catties. The reporter learned from the hospital yesterday that after surgery, Mr. Song’s vital signs have stabilized. Through this incident in Weihai, our carton packaging industry, especially carton companies, should strengthen the safety awareness of carton production. We must ensure safety first and safety above all else. Guangzhou Wanduo Carton Factory found many carton factories in our industry. I haven't raised the awareness yet. This is very dangerous. Improving the life safety awareness of the operators of the carton factory is more important than everything!
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