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Paper bag vs. plastic bag, which is more environmentally friendly?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-06
1.1 The key introduces the basic elements of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and its course objectives in detail. What is LCA? LCA is a method used to evaluate the environmental impact of products, processing technology or caring services. It generally includes 4 links: 1. Confirm the overall goal and scope of LCA 2. Write a variety of related product life Periodic energy conversion, raw material input and natural environment output details 3. Comments and product life cycle input and output related environmental impact assessment 4. Explain the conclusions and correctly guide more informed decisions What is the product life cycle phase (Life Cycle Stages)? The product life cycle is usually divided into five stages. Take packaging bags as an example: 1. Raw material acquisition, including processing techniques related to raw material acquisition and refinement. For packaging bags, the acquisition of its raw material polyethylene plastic (HDPE) includes obtaining natural gas and transporting it to a chemical plant; 2. Manufacturing includes the process of converting raw materials into finished products. In this case, the packaging bag is obtained by melting plastic pellets into pieces and then making packaging bags; 3. Distributors, that is, for final consumption and logistics transportation and storage of goods. For example, packaging bags will be distributed from the manufacturer to various grocers; 4. Adoption/reuse, in these links, the company's products ensure effective and considerate services for customers. For example, people with packaging bags can bring back vegetables bought from the farmers' market. Many customers will either use the old plastic bags to buy food or treat the bags as garbage bags, so people will count these multiple reuses in the life cycle of the application; 5. The product life cycle is completed, in this part The commodity enters the waste intelligent management system. For example, packaging bags will be recycled, buried or incinerated to generate electricity. So, why would it be less environmentally friendly to replace plastic bags with paper bags? Including domestic, many regions have legislative power to restrict or prohibit grocers from using plastic bags to reduce waste. As everyone knows, certain LCA scientific studies have shown that if buyers continue to use paper bags, it will result in the use of large amounts of diesel. Because paper bags occupies more indoor space than plastic bags, transporting the same number of packaging bags to grocers may require a lot of truck mileage. Therefore, in these cases, one of the pros and cons of switching from plastic packaging bags to paper bags is that although plastic waste is reduced, the use of diesel fuel and the resulting emissions have increased. The necessity of LCA Through this example, we can know the two functions of LCA: 1. LCA can let us know that sometimes although we feel good about ourselves and make an environmentally friendly decision, the actual impact on the environment may be due to this decision. The intervention of consumer behavior changes. This is why it is necessary to consider all relevant impacts in the LCA; 2. The consideration of all life cycles allows us to discover unexpected results. As mentioned earlier, reducing plastic waste at the end of the life cycle may result in increased costs for diesel fuel use. If we are only limited to non-biodegradable waste, paper bags are certainly an environmentally friendly choice than plastic bags. However, only by looking at the entire life cycle can we find that the use of paper bags deteriorates the environment during the distribution stage. Appropriate use of the LCA method can discover these pros and cons and allow us to make better decisions.
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