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Paper bag printing manufacturers tell you some paper bag knowledge

by:XuanYing     2021-06-05
After the approval of restricting plastic bags was implemented, paper handbags continued to be created. Paper bags are environmentally friendly and have relatively low cost. The custom-made paper bag industry has developed. Introduction of commonly used papers for handbag printing: 1. Most of the paper used in paper bag printing is 210 grams of white card and 230 grams of coated paper. In addition, 120 grams of white kraft and 140 grams of yellow kraft paper are also common. If the handbag needs to be loaded with heavier goods, the load-bearing capacity must withstand the test. At this time, choose 300 grams of coated paper or 300 grams of cardboard above 300 grams of white card. If the paper is thicker, it still cannot meet the load-bearing capacity, then you can consider choosing a laminate and hot-melt adhesive. A layer of bright film or matte film can also add points to the beauty of the paper bag. 2. The color expression of coated paper is relatively strong, and the design pattern style of the handbag can also be ingenious. In terms of printing technology, all the craftsmanship in modern printing can be expressed on a small handbag, which is very incredible. 3. White kraft paper has strong toughness and is environmentally friendly, and is increasingly used in the printing of handbags. Paper bag forming process After printing, the film is covered, and then perforated and threaded (generally low-elastic yarn or three-strand rope is used, and paper rope is often used for some thin paper bags). After the rope is worn, a shaped handbag is formed. (If the size of the handbag is large, the rivets should be reinforced at the rope hole to resist the tension). The production process of handbags is not complicated, but the step of threading needs to be done manually. Therefore, the process steps are slightly more complicated than other printed materials, which also increases the cost of handbags. Labor costs will be the largest part of the cost of paper bags. Paper bag design Designing handbags may focus on how to make handbags unique and beautifully printed, which can leave a deep impression on people. Now, the characteristics of being able to be used multiple times and having environmental protection performance are also the key considerations of designers. Of the list. Professional paper bag printing factory At present, paper is still the main material for making handbags. Although the reusable performance of paper handbags is slightly worse than that of cloth and non-woven fabrics, the paper quality can fully demonstrate the design ideas and brand characteristics, and is more colorful. It is still the mainstream of handbags. Official website: http://www.qgstd.com National Free Service Hotline: 139-0652-6950
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