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More and more people choose to buy big-brand packaging paper bags online

by:XuanYing     2021-05-29
Citizen Mr. Huang cleaned up the house at home and found more than a dozen paper bags with the logos of famous brands such as Dior, Chanel, Burberry, Hermes, and Cartier (see the picture below). Mr. Huang is very curious, how could there be so many bags when his girlfriend has not used these luxury goods. After inquiring, his girlfriend, Miss Tang, said that she would bring work clothes and boxed lunches to work, so she bought some big-name paper bags on the Internet, and she was good-looking and face-saving. 'We have only been working for two years. The income is not high, and we can't save much money, let alone buy luxury goods.' Mr. Huang told reporters that his girlfriend had liked to buy some fake cosmetics and clothes before, but he didn't care this time. I am obsessed with the vanity brought by the brand-name paper bags. If you can't afford luxury bags worth tens of thousands of dollars, you buy paper bags with big-name trademarks and pretend you have bought many famous brands. In the face of more and more people choosing this approach, they call 'Stop doing this.' In this regard, Liu Lu, a national senior psychological counselor, said that people buying fake brand-name brands and brand-name paper bags reflect a pursuit of symbols. People who can't afford luxury goods will think of using lower-priced counterfeit goods or even shopping paper bags to reflect their status. Young people should still live a life that corresponds to their spending power, and always pretend to live a rich life, which will bring tremendous pressure to themselves and the people around them.
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