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Mobile phone leader Apple finally chose to use paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-13
Let's say goodbye to Apple's iconic drawstring plastic bag out loud. Social responsibility is such an important issue for Apple that at the last spring product launch that lasted only one hour, CEO Tim Cook and other executives spent half an hour preaching about data privacy. Protection, and the company’s emphasis on renewable energy. However, in Apple flagship stores all over the world, you will find two completely different attitudes: paying attention to environmental protection and ignoring environmental protection: the street side of the flagship store usually adopts an all-glass design, so as to maximize the use of natural light and reduce power consumption. However, during the shopping checkout, the salesperson will without hesitating to provide you with a manifestation of the extremely unenvironmental protection of plastic bags. This status quo will soon be changed. An internal Apple letter obtained by the Apple News blog 9to5Mac shows that the company will soon abandon all flagship store plastic bags and switch to recycled paper bags. Starting from April 15th, the bags provided to customers by the Apple flagship store will be replaced with paper bags made of 80% recycled materials. The internal letter mentioned that employees should first ask customers if they need paper bags, and it is up to customers to decide. Provide it to them when you get a positive answer; the implication is that you don’t need to provide it if you don’t need it. But the internal letter also requires that employees should encourage customers to pay more attention to environmental protection. This internal letter requires flagship store employees to use up the plastic bags in stock by April 15, but it will be strictly prohibited to provide customers with the remaining plastic bags when the time is up. Apple has not officially announced this change, nor has it updated it under the environmental protection page of its official website. It’s not yet sure what kind of design the new recycled paper bag will use, but we can refer to the paper bag when Apple Watch was released: And the following is the paper bag used in daily Apple Watch sales. The rope is replaced with a classic gray.
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