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Is the price of customized paper bags high?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-19
When ordering paper bags, perhaps a few cents difference will make a certain merchant feel a big loss, while many merchants feel that they don’t care and are willing to spend a lot of costs on paper bags. Why is the store’s thinking so so? What's the big difference? What's the reason? Follow the host to get to know it. I think that the key to having such diversified ideas about packaging design prices among stores is to make decisions based on the price of the company's products. For example, it is the same to buy clothes. The prices of clothes and trousers in the stall are very different from those in specialty stores. Therefore, the shops have different attitudes towards the cost of ordering paper bags. For merchants who set up street stalls on the side of the road, it is small profits but quick turnover. Clothes and pants themselves make little profits. When the price of custom-made paper bags rises by one penny, it means that they will make a dime less. As far as specialty stores are concerned, the profit margin of clothing is particularly high. It is not a big deal to add the cost of the packaging bag, and the better the clothing packaging bag, the more it means the grade of their clothes and pants. Another thing is that businesses look at issues from different perspectives. Many stores would rather spend more money to order paper bags, because they feel that the word-of-mouth communication generated by custom paper bags can enhance their brand awareness and bring more. Profit margins. Some businesses feel that custom paper bags are just containers for holding products, and there is no need to spend too much money on custom paper bags. Therefore, when customizing paper bags, merchants should give priority to products and choose higher-priced or lower-priced products according to personal wishes. Lianxing Paper has been focusing on product paper packaging for 32 years. Various bag types and various prices are available. Welcome to consult!
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