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Importance of paper bag cotton rope

by:XuanYing     2021-06-17
Cotton rope is everywhere, such as clothing shopping bags, clothing packaging boxes, plastic packaging boxes, fashion packaging, shoelaces, etc., from the subtleties of life to make life fun. Tote bag cotton rope and handle rope are not only indispensable collocation items for commodities, but also can bring real convenience to customers. They are indispensable items in our lives. A good paper bag, a hand rope is indispensable. Tote bag cotton rope and handle cotton rope closely follow the fashion trend, with richer colors, and blending polypropylene, gold silk, etc. into the material for embellishment, laying the style and taste of the entire design in the subtle design, although the creativity is small, However, it occupies an important position in the overall collocation of items, making these seemingly ordinary cotton ropes more attractive, and making those ordinary packaging bags particularly attractive.
The importance of LOGO on paper bags
The company logo printed on the paper bag is not very complicated. To be clean, concise and characteristic, over-processing is obviously unwise, because they need to efficiently evoke the brand impression in consumers' minds. Sometimes a LOGO has been used for too long, and some companies need to rename or change their trademark images. Trendy logos may bring more opportunities for companies, and may allow them to improve their economic conditions and gain a wider consumer base. When printing company LOGO, you can use UV or bronzing and silvering processes to highlight it. Make the brand image more prominent.
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