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How to select materials for making handbags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-28
In modern merchandise sales and various promotional activities, shopping tote bags can be described as a must-have product. To a certain extent, the more exquisite the bags are printed, the more high-end packaging and the higher the cost, so shopping bags Bag customization is also one of the daily business needs of major businesses. So how to choose materials when making handbags to make more high-end and fashionable shopping handbags at the lowest cost? 1. The paper of the handbag is in the selection of the paper of the handbag. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to choose 157g or 200g coated paper. This kind of paper is tough and flat, has a better look and feel, and the price is medium. The load-bearing capacity varies according to the processing technology and thickness. If it needs to be matched with heavier packaging products, you can choose 250g coated paper or 250g or more cardboard printing. In addition, when choosing coated paper or cardboard to print handbags, in order to improve the bearing capacity and gloss, the strength can also be increased by laminating or sub-filming. In addition, white kraft paper, due to its strong toughness and environmental protection, has been increasingly used in the printing of handbags in recent years. Usually 120g or 140g white or yellow kraft paper can be used. The price of this type of paper is slightly higher and After the handbag is printed, it needs to be oiled to protect the ink from getting dirty when making the bag. 2. The rope of the handbag The rope of the handbag is the key factor that determines the durability of the handbag. The selection range is concentrated in nylon rope, cotton rope or paper rope. Among them, nylon rope has the strongest toughness, and cotton rope The feel of the grip is the best, and the design of the paper rope is the best. The price can be roughly classified as nylon rope, paper rope, cotton rope, etc. from low to high. Of course, this is not an absolute price, and the price varies according to the production process. , But in terms of use, if the weight of the load is higher, it is recommended to use nylon rope, if it is lighter, you can consider paper rope for the sake of look and feel. If you pay more attention to the grip, cotton rope is undoubtedly the best choice. In addition, the selection of the rope for the handbag has different requirements for the craftsmanship of the handbag. For example, when the printed size of the handbag is larger, the rivets need to be reinforced at the rope hole to resist tension.
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