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How to print custom LOGO on kraft paper bag

by:XuanYing     2021-06-19
In daily life, there are large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises. In view of the large amount of use, large enterprises have a particularly large advantage in the customization of kraft paper bags. Many people can also directly find color printing factories to print their own kraft paper bags in large quantities. But people need small stores. Is there really no way to deal with this kind of specific situation? I don't think it is. We can also use some tips to customize our own exclusive LOGO. What is the way? One way to customize kraft paper bags is to say-we know that the wall painting method is a more reasonable way of advertising. The rural outdoor wall advertising has won Taobao stores and Jingdong due to its rigid practical effect. Shopping malls and other famous brands, many people paint creative advertising methods, I think it is worth letting us make kraft paper bags for reference. People can also buy a batch of kraft paper bags without packaging and printing, and then cut out the LOGO that people need to print in the printing factory according to methods such as empty paper cutting, and then people go to buy soft brushes, color pastes and other products. Use a soft brush to print the LOGO on the kraft paper bag. This resulted in our first production method. The second way of making kraft paper bags is the mid-to-late production and processing method, we know, and now with the further strengthening and expansion of advertising requirements, there are often creative advertising shops in the town, and people can make full use of these. After buying the paper bag, use a photo or sticky note (also called a sticker) to engrave the LOGO that people need with a cutting plotter, and then paste it on the kraft paper bag, so that it is a beautiful, well-known brand's unique order The kraft paper bag is made, and the paper bag is strong and durable in that way, and it is also a good process. The third way to customize kraft paper bags is to say-hand-made drawing method requires a lot of basic arts and crafts skills. We know that everyone is tired of the aesthetics of standardized management. If you can write it yourself, you can draw it. , Hand-made graphics and customized kraft paper bags is a very good choice. Quantifying one's own LOGO into a personalized pattern design and information content, targeting one's own well-known brands, especially for young people's brands, this is a very typical thing. Of course, the premise of such kraft paper bag customization is your strong hand-painting skills. In fact, the trend of advertising design is that we can see that roadside advertisements are becoming more and more hand-painted. These three methods are the methods we have come up with for small and medium-sized enterprises who cannot make customized kraft paper bags. After all, if we customize kraft paper bags, there are certain requirements for the minimum order quantity, but as long as we are willing to use our brains, these are all It's not a problem. People often say that there are more solutions than difficulties. Of course, the prerequisite for all this is whether you are willing to purchase some paper bags. If you are not willing to pay this amount of money, then everything is impossible to talk about. I hope this little suggestion can help our small business realize its big dream.
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