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How to paste the paper bag?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-17
Hand-pasting paper bags is an important link in the production of handbags. Many new customers will ask how paper bags are glued. Now the paper bag editor will introduce to you how handmade paper bags are glued? In addition to paper bag making steps such as indentation printing and some other semi-automatic auxiliary equipment before making paper bags, it is mainly done by hand. Some people will say how advanced the machinery and equipment of a large-scale factory paper bag manufacturer are, and how efficient it is, here we must tell you some facts. For example, the processing of some exquisite paper bags with a relatively large demand, even in developed countries, they cannot complete such products through automation. How did the paper bag stick? 1. According to the paper bag material, choose the appropriate adhesive to avoid opening the glue. At the same time, the aging factor of the adhesive must be considered. 2. The structure of the paper bag, the material of the handle and the connection form are various for paper bag products. We need to explore the use of appropriate manual methods according to the specific situation. Some need to punch the handle mounting hole before pasting, and some need to use hot melt glue to fix the hand and so on during the pasting process. The planning of these manual pasting processes needs to be completed before mass production, and once the process is confirmed, we should strengthen detailed control during the manual pasting process to prevent overflow of glue pollution and avoid scratches on the surface of paper bags during production. Of course, the first piece of paper bag paste production before mass production can be re-evaluated by referring to the process planning during proofing. 3. The hand-pasted paper bag has basically been formed, and some paper bags have the last process of punching and stringing, so as to complete the final packaging of the paper bag. Through the discussion of the above-mentioned portable paper bag pasting process, a beautiful portable paper bag is finally completed by a series of complicated processes. The negligence of a process link may lead to production quality accidents. The rigor of the process is a necessary condition to ensure the high quality of the product. In the entire process, we must strengthen the evaluation and management of the process and the implementation of the first confirmation procedure before mass production in each process, and at the same time, strictly follow up and control the production process. Any perfect craftsmanship must rely on strict implementation of craftsmanship procedures to ensure that the production of hand-made paper bags is no exception.
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