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How to customize clothing packaging bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-30
I firmly believe that many clothing companies want to have a set of their own special packaging bags, so that their products can excel in the industry competition. So, how should clothing packaging bags be customized? Everyone knows that clothing packaging bag customization is a practical operation in batches, which is quite different from individual product customization. Therefore, customers need to choose clothing packaging bags to order. Manufacturing and processing plants, and then place a deposit. That is also the safety guarantee for the manufacturer to prevent risks. If the product is manufactured and the customized store regrets the contract, the goods produced by the manufacturer will only be sold as scrap. The reason why the merchant usually pays 30% in advance—— 50% of the deposit, so that the processing plant will continue to order production. In the process of tailoring suits, tailors will definitely make targeted orders based on the statistical data of each individual's height, chest circumference, waist circumference, shoulder width, etc. The order of clothing packaging bags is the same, and the same is also a certain standard. Huai. List the very important index values, that is, the specifications of the clothing packaging bag and the packaging printing pattern design and whether there are any requirements on the selected raw materials. Those are all the customized requirements of the clothing packaging bag. Things must be considered. Generally, after completing the above preparations, the garment packaging bag can be customized. Customization is often not easy to form at one time. It has to be changed several times. The customization of clothing packaging bags is the same. Everyone has different understanding of the product and naturally has different regulations. Therefore, for customized products, processing plants Under normal circumstances, the first choice is to produce and process a sample. Only the sample is confirmed by the ordering company, then there is a basis to follow, and the factory also has a reference basis in the production process, and it will not be wrong because there is no concept. An error occurred. After the customized samples of clothing packaging bags are produced, it is the production of bulk goods. The next step is the same as the stock, after packaging, logistics, and then delivered to the dealers, thus completing a customized process.
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