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How to choose the right paper bag for your own clothing

by:XuanYing     2021-06-20
As the clothing industry, while gradually improving the grade and quality of clothing, it is also necessary to stipulate clothing packaging bags. For the question of how to choose clothing packaging bags, is there any material to customize clothing packaging bags will be significant Leveling has become the top priority of the clothing industry at this stage, so let's get to know it with the net editor. First, let's get to know what are the common clothing packaging bags, such as plastic bags, paper bags, pU bags, cloth bags and other materials. Plastic packaging bags are a commonly used material, and the price is the most cost-effective, but due to the fact that they cannot be chemically degraded, today's clothing industry can rarely use plastic packaging bags for packaging. Then there is the paper bag, which is also a common material in fashion stores. It is lightweight and can be customized to pack clothes bags. At the same time, the pulp has been specially produced and processed, which has great advantages in terms of environmental protection. The only defect may be due to the printing paper. In terms of compressive strength and waterproof material properties, it is not as strong as other raw materials, but it is just the development trend of today's scientific and technological progress. It can already use some auxiliary methods to enhance its shortcomings as a bag of clothes and pants. Let’s talk about some other raw materials, such as leather bags, pU bags, and cloth bags. This category of goods, if used to make packaging bags and clothing bags, has the characteristics of being portable, just because the engineering cost is usually higher. All applications have a high rate of repeated applications, generally speaking, all appear as independent commodities with high efficiency. Now that we know the characteristics of various materials as clothing packaging bags, which materials should be selected below is very simple. What we are pursuing is a high-end brand, and then green and green are definitely the first choices, so the probability of white pollution packaging bags as packaging bags will be excluded. Secondly, although we provide considerate services for high-end brands, if the cost is too high, then we will encounter considerable advantages and disadvantages in cost, and other raw materials will be replaced. Does this mean that paper bags have great advantages for packaging clothes bags based on high-grade and several-time knowledge? My response is uncertain. We understand that there are many kinds of printing paper, such as white card, black card, gray board, pearl, filler, cowhide, etc. We also need to carefully select raw materials that are close to the imagination of our mall, so that we can produce them. Packaging bags have greater advantages in terms of grade. The above is a summary for everyone, I hope it will be helpful to you, if you are unclear about the clothing paper bags, please consult us, and we will respond to you as soon as possible.
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