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How to choose between spot tote bags and custom tote bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-09
How does a merchant that opens a door to do business need to choose the outer packaging for its products, this phenomenon will appear at this time, should the merchant customize the packaging paper bags or buy the existing stock paper bags? First, let’s analyze the advantages of spot paper bags: as a spot paper bag, one of the most intuitive advantages is that the price is relatively cheaper than customized paper bags. It is the first choice for a small number of customers, because you open a small shop and There is no idea of u200bu200bbranding and publicity, just use the hand-carrying paper bag as an outer packaging paper bag. In addition, the stock paper bags are usually ordered in advance, and they can be shipped immediately after the order is placed. Some merchants will be anxious to pack paper bags. At this time, it is better to use stock paper bags. Next, talk to everyone about the advantages of custom paper bags: One of the most obvious advantages of custom paper bags is that you can design the patterns and text of the paper bags according to the business's own ideas, and print the content presented by the business on the portable paper bags. In this way, it can play a role of publicity, and it is suitable for businesses that need to operate their own brand to use. And compared with the spot paper bag, it will not look the same, so that customers can have a novel feeling and achieve the effect of attracting powder at one time. What I want to say here is that spot paper bags and custom paper bags have their own advantages, mainly to see what you think as a merchant. If your definition of paper bags is for publicity, the editor recommends that you customize packaging paper bags. If your definition of paper bags is only an outer packaging paper bag, then it is sufficient to choose a stock paper bag.
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