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How to calculate the price of portable paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-18
How to calculate the price of hand-held paper bags When customers make hand-held paper bags, in addition to the paper bag design and paper selection to achieve the desired effect, the price of the hand-held paper bags is also very important. What aspects can control the price of hand-held paper bags? Let’s work with you to find out what the price of hand-held paper bags is. Hand-held paper bag design Figure 1: First: the choice of paper material for the paper bag, which is an important part of the price. The main materials for hand-held paper bags are white cardboard, coated paper, and kraft paper. Among them, white cardboard paper averages 4,800 yuan a ton, coated paper averages 5,400 yuan a ton, and the unit price of kraft paper is relatively higher and averages 9,000 yuan. In addition to commonly used paper, there are also some specialty papers. The price of specialty paper is generally higher than that of white cardboard, coated paper, and kraft paper. Second: In terms of paper bag printing process, paper bag printing includes spot color printing, single color printing and four-color printing. There are also some special processes: hot stamping, hot silver, uv, embossing and so on. Each process will incur a certain cost, and the price of the paper bag is determined based on these processes. Different paper bag crafts can bring different display effects to portable paper bags, which are generally used as brand logos for making paper bags. Third: It is the quantity. The more the quantity, the more affordable the price. This is because a hand-held paper bag needs to make a specific template and other preparation costs. It is spread flat on each paper bag, so the unit price will be lower if the quantity is large. Hand-held paper bag design diagram 2 Paper bag 11 years of focusing on handmade paper bags, because of focus, so professional. Official website: http://National Free Hotline: 139-0652-6950
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