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How much impact does the modification of the 2007 environmental protection document have on the customized service of environmental protection paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-27
The environmental protection documents in 2007 are now revised to affect the environmental protection paper bag customization service. The printing industry has always been one of the industries with more serious industrial pollution around the world. Although in the process of paper bag customization, printing manufacturers have continued to have industrial technology over the years. Breakthrough, but there is still a most practical and primitive problem that entangles the printing industry, making the printing industry's environmental protection road difficult. This is the problem of cost. In fact, various environmental protection measures and equipment exist, but these environmental protection facilities The equipment is relatively expensive, and the maintenance costs are also high, so many small workshops are willing to take risks and earn bad money at the expense of the environment. In the middle of this year, the official website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection confirmed through official channels and issued a letter soliciting comments on 4 national environmental protection standards including 'Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Gravure Ink and Flexo Ink (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)'. I hope relevant units Conducted research on the drafts of 4 national environmental protection standards, including 'Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products, Gravure Printing Inks and Flexo Printing Inks,' and proposed written revisions, which were reported to the Ministry of Environmental Protection or the standard preparation unit before October 10 of the same year. This announcement largely expresses the state's efforts to implement renewable resources and environments similar to custom-made environmental protection tags. Although the atmosphere of environmental protection has been greatly improved, I hope that environmental protection needs everyone's attention! The revised draft of this abbreviation (HJ/T371-2007) shows that the country really wants to increase regulation and control on environmental printing, but also wants to follow the current social and economic development, and try to strike a balance between environmental protection and profit. Point, protect our land environment as much as possible, and hope that all industries can actively respond. Paper bags have always been adhering to: to make paper bags that satisfy customers, and the awareness of environmental protection is constantly increasing, and customers are also allowed to switch to environmentally friendly paper bags from the previous plastic bags! Customers are welcome to inquire:; the company’s official website: www.qgstd.com
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