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How are paper bags produced?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-01
In an environment where everyone’s awareness of environmental protection of paper bags is getting higher and higher, but for some companies who used plastic handbags before and want to change to paper bags, they don’t know how to use paper bags to convey corporate information and how to design a Own paper bag. Let me tell you, how is a paper bag with a soul produced? The basic process of producing hand-held paper bags is as follows: first understand the customer's needs, and then the professional designer arranges plate making, the customer determines the design draft, and then produces the sheet. The customer places an order to buy paper, prints, laminates, die-cuts (indentation), paste bags, perforate, and wrap with rope; According to different requirements in the middle, there may be some hot stamping, bumps, embossing, steam eye and other processes.
What are the classifications of paper bag printing
What are the classifications of paper bag printing? Generally can be divided into three categories, four-color machine paper bag printing, single-color machine paper bag printing and two-color machine paper bag printing. Which printing method is used when customizing the paper bag? What are the differences between these types of printing classifications? Let's listen to it together. Single-color machine paper bag printing, two-color machine paper bag printing, four-color machine paper bag printing, through a simple introduction, we know that when custom-made paper bags, you should choose monochrome machine paper bag printing, two-color machine paper bag printing or four-color machine paper bag printing. The cost of printing is also different, single-color-two-color-four-color.

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