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Handbags are the first choice for shopping bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-17
Hand-held paper bags are the first choice for shopping bags. When making handbags, paper bags not only pay attention to tight structure and do not fall off the bottom, but also pursue environmental protection, beauty, exquisiteness and durability. It is an extension of brand image and product advertising, and a new window for companies to publicize. The emergence of handbags makes life more convenient and faster, and it is more convenient to shop and go to the supermarket. Generally, it can be carried by hand, made of paper, plastic, non-woven fabric, etc. Production operations. The exquisite shopping bags are mostly made of a single sheet of paper, and then the handbags are made in color, and then they are laminated or gilded by PP. Use manual threading and knotting as a handle to complete the production of the handbag. This type of handbag is mostly used for some noble commodity packaging, gift bag packaging and so on. Choose coated paper to make handbags, because coated paper is the most popular material for making handbags. The paper surface is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss. Because the whiteness of the paint used is more than 90%, and the particles are extremely fine, and it is calendered by a super calender, the smoothness of the coated paper is generally 600~1000s. At the same time, the paint is evenly distributed on the paper surface and shows a pleasing white color. The manufacture of handbags requires high coating strength for coated paper, and the coating is thin and uniform. The amount of adhesive in the coating is appropriate to prevent the paper from powdering and linting during the printing process. In addition, the absorption of the copperplate to xylene should be appropriate , Can be suitable for fine screen printing of 60 lines/cm or more. Because the coated paper has high whiteness and gloss, and good printability, designers can boldly use various pictures and color blocks, and the advertising effect is good. After covering the surface of the coated paper with a light film or a matte film, it not only has the functions of moisture-proof and durable, but also looks more refined. The advertisement pictures have bright effects and characteristics. Customized portable paper bag selection, free design, national distribution, 11 years of customized paper bag manufacturers, 16 quality inspection and control, 3 hot melt adhesive design, national service hotline: 139-0652-6950. Advanced production equipment, 7 days delivery, paper bags Customized rest assured choice. Official website: http://www.qgstd.com
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