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Generally, what should be paid attention to when customizing the size and printing of portable paper bags?

by:XuanYing     2021-05-29
When printing tote bags and paper bags, many friends have a lot of doubts about the specifications. Here to share with you the following: Nowadays, more and more people choose to be self-employed, whether it is a business or a self-employed business, it is a kind of product. Publicity. Therefore, packaging boxes and handbags are needed to package their products. Nowadays, the form of packaging boxes and handbags is diversified. A beautiful handbag is especially important for product promotion and corporate image display. Handbags and packaging boxes are beneficial Consumers identify and purchase to stimulate their desire to buy, and handbags are more convenient to carry. Any product in life needs to be packaged before being sold to customers. Packaging boxes and handbags can improve the grade of cosmetics, help product sales, and enhance the image of the company and products. What are the general specifications and sizes of cosmetic gift paper bags printed on the manufacturer’s paper? Reminder: The size of the handbag is generally customized according to your own specific requirements. When designing the size of the handbag, it is generally designed according to the size of the unfolded paper of the handbag. In this way, the desired effect can be achieved and the handbag is controlled. The printing cost of the handbag printing price varies with the specifications of the handbag. Guarantee to provide you with the best quality service at the lowest price in the same industry. The craftsmanship of handbag production can choose hot stamping, hot silver, embossing, special shape and partial glazing. Looking for a printing factory to customize the size of the paper bag can be determined according to the size of your product and packaging box and your requirements. The usual printed size of the tote bag is composed of length × width × height. Handbags below 4 are most commonly used to hold various cosmetic paper bags. Designers often print the same advertising graphics as the contents on the handbag. There are currently five types of handbag specifications: 1. Extra large handbag size: 430mm (height) * 320mm (width) * 100mm (side) 2. Ultra small handbag size: 270mm (height) * 180mm (width)* 80mm (side) 3. Small tote bag size: 320mm (height) * 200mm (width) * 80mm (side) 4. Medium tote bag size: 330mm (height) * 250mm (width) * 80mm (side) 5. The size of the large tote bag: 390mm (height) * 270mm (width) * 80mm (side) and above are for everyone to share what needs to be paid attention to in the printing specifications of the tote bag paper bag.
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