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Finishing of paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-15
The finishing of hand-held paper bags is diversified. The surface finishing of printed products such as bronzing, UV, and glazing is a widely used production process for hand-held paper bags. It greatly satisfies people's pursuit of exquisite and high-end paper bags. Compared with gold printing, the bronzing process has a strong metallic sense, good consistency, bright color and richer three-dimensional sense. The perfect bronzing effect depends on the organic coordination of bronzing temperature, pressure and speed. The following factors that affect the hot stamping effect should be paid attention to during the hot stamping operation: 1. The surface flatness of the hot stamping product; 2. The surface post-printing process of the hot stamping product (filming, oiling, etc.); 3. The electrochemical used The hot stamping suitability of aluminum; 4. The status of the hot stamping plate and the hot stamping machine. Hot stamping is a complicated process technology, and only when the above factors are fully considered in the hot stamping process can a satisfactory hot stamping effect be achieved. The surface glazing process mainly refers to UV glazing and ordinary glazing. The glazing process can keep the printed product good gloss and improve the surface resistance of the printed product, especially the use of UV glazing and partial UV glazing in the paper bag processing technology, so that the printing layer of the paper bag is thick, dense and glossy. Rich and moisturizing, the printing theme is prominent, and the impression is strong. In addition, other printing finishing processes such as bump, colorful, flocking, etc. are also used to a certain extent in the hand-held paper bag process. The use of these processes not only improves the aesthetics and fashion of the paper bag, but also cultivates the user’s interest in life. .
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