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Explain the tips and processing of custom-made paper bags

by:XuanYing     2021-05-30
With the improvement of living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of goods and packaging. Paper bags have become one of the most popular gift-giving packaging, and custom-made paper bags can bring many convenient benefits. How much do you know about custom-made paper bags? Next, the editor will tell you about the relevant knowledge of custom-made paper bags. The following is an introduction to 'Explanation of the tips and processing of custom-made paper bags'. General skills for custom-made paper bags: We know that a custom-made printed paper bag is made of futures and cannot be consumed in real time. Since it is a futures, there is a preservation problem. It is necessary to know that custom printed paper bags are a delicate commodity just like clothing. It is easy to improperly store the paper bags, which greatly reduces the service life of these paper bags. How to better preserve our custom-made printed paper bags under various harsh conditions? How to store them longer? One of the secrets of protecting custom-made printed paper bags is to maintain a constant temperature in the warehouse. We all know that everything has an adaptable temperature. The same is true for custom printed paper bags. This requires our warehouse to have better airtightness and only minimize contact with the outside world. Our custom printed paper bags In order to stay in a constant state all year round, the custom-made printed paper bags in a constant state are naturally less susceptible to external interference, so the storage time is naturally much longer than that. Be sure to pay attention to the constant temperature when making custom printed paper bags. Second, one of the tips for protecting custom printed paper bags is to keep them dry. We all know that because the raw material of custom-made printed paper bags is paper, and the natural enemy of paper is water, when the rainy season comes, the headache for merchants is the preservation of the product. Once the concentration of water increases, water mist will form, which will be further contaminated. On the paper bags, your customized printed paper bags are equivalent to waste, so at this time we must know how to use quicklime and dehumidifiers to help the warehouse reduce the influence of water vapor, and strive to keep the humidity in the warehouse within an acceptable range When the humidity reaches the standard, the warehouse will naturally play a protective role. If it is so humid, custom-made printed paper bags are also in danger. Third, one of the secrets of protection of custom-made printed paper bags is to leave enough contact area with the air. I think everyone in life must have this kind of experience. When you find a very old book from a pile of things, there is not only a watermark on it, but also a circle of mildew spots and confusion caused by various bacteria. The same is true for custom printed paper bags. If we do not reserve a certain amount of ventilation space and let them fully contact the air, it is easy to create a living environment that bacteria like. The result is that your custom printed paper bags will be dirty and ugly. I dare not use it, the loss is very serious. We can stack the shelves layer by layer, leaving a little distance between each row and each column, so that there will be no bacteria breeding environment, and eventually your customized printed paper bags will be preserved. Custom-made printed paper bags increase the air contact surface and can be stored for a longer time. Fourth, one of the secrets of protection of custom-made printed paper bags is to learn to predict and make some technological adjustments during production. For custom-made printed paper bags, we can also make a prediction for the next situation based on experience, and make a technological improvement during the production process. For example, if the customer produced it at the beginning of the year, their customized printed paper bags may have to go through the rainy season. Then we can make some moisture-proof changes in the craft. Then when the actual rainy season arrives, it will naturally be reduced because of moisture. The loss caused. When will custom-made paper bag factories generally make adjustments to the hand-pull bag: The above introductions about 'General Techniques for Custom-made Paper Bags' and 'When will the paper bag custom-made factories generally adjust the hand-pull bagsExplain the tips and process of custom-made paper bags' to help.
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