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by:XuanYing     2021-05-29
Everyone will discuss that the environmental protection development trend in the next ten years is green. As a packaging bag manufacturing industry, there are two ways to maintain green environmental protection. One is to increase the rate of repeated applications. Now the express industry is in The recyclable packaging box discussed is in this category. In addition, it means the production of new materials to replace the original raw materials, and the kraft paper bag has the performance of recycling, naturally under the development trend of green and environmental protection, it is more and more affected. Favored by large merchants, from HM to Uniqlo, from Goliya to ONLY, kraft paper bags are increasingly sought after by well-known service brands. However, kraft paper bags are also divided into various materials such as yellow cowhide, white cowhide, etc. How to effectively select materials that conform to the concept of their own corporate brand is a big problem that is placed in front of many service sellers. Let us, who have 11 years of experience in paper bag manufacturing, come and talk about it for you. First, let us see from the color, it is divided into two categories: white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags. However, white kraft paper bags and yellow kraft paper bags can be further divided into several categories. Taking white kraft paper bags as an example, they can be divided into white kraft paper and high white kraft paper. The difference between them depends on the shade of milky white. If the white kraft paper bag is used, the color of the packaging and printing should be more delicate and gorgeous. This is the case for yellow kraft paper bags. Based on this knowledge, some manufacturers have developed and designed patterned kraft paper. Of course, new categories such as pearl white cowhide and coated white cowhide have also been developed for kraft paper. . These are all things that we must seriously consider when we are designing. From the perspective of the main purpose, kraft paper bags are more broadly classified. We know that because kraft paper bags are green and environmentally friendly, they are not only used in the clothing industry, that is, food, beauty and body industries. Each manufacturing industry has different regulations for its own. Therefore, in the main purpose, the processing plant also targets The development and design of many functions, such as oil-proof paper bags, moisture-proof paper bags, rust-proof paper bags, insulating paper bags, sticker paper bags, super load-bearing paper bags, printable paper bags, etc., are our unilateral distribution. It is impossible to use all the business, so when we design, we must know how to choose the functions we need, so that we can spend the least money and get the most value. Third, according to the different materials, the classification of kraft paper bags is also different. We know that paper bag materials are not only related to raw materials, but also related to the number of layers. The reason why kraft paper bags are related to materials can be divided into recycled kraft paper bags, kraft base paper, composite kraft paper bags, wood pulp kraft paper bags, and so on. The reason why the material is different, the hardness standard, and the surface roughness are also different. This is also very harmful to the middle and late stages of packaging and printing. Therefore, we must understand beforehand when we make paper bags. We have talked so much, I think if everyone goes to order kraft paper bags, they must form their own logical thinking and understand how to choose their own kraft paper materials.
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