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Double-layer paper bags should be used to produce high-quality apples

by:XuanYing     2021-06-08
In the packaging paper, compared with the single-sided bag, the two-layer bag has the characteristics of large light blocking, low temperature in the bag during the day, soft and smooth fruit surface, less chlorophyll production, and good coloring, which can more reasonably prevent sunburn and black Diseases and insect pests such as spot disease and rough skin disease. Two-layer fruit-growing bags are mostly used for domestic export-oriented high-grade fruits. The single-sided bag has relatively high permeability, short lifespan, and weak maintenance effect. Two-layer paper bags should be selected for the production of high-quality apples. In the two-layer paper bag, the outer bag is the fruit-bearing bag paper, and the inner bag (usually bright red or gray-black) is sealed with wax. It belongs to the ultra-low temperature and high humidity bagging. The temperature inside the bag during the day is lower than the average outside temperature, and the environmental humidity is slightly Higher than the outside world. Using ultra-low temperature and high humidity fruit bags, the fruit expands quickly, the flesh strength is slightly lower, the juice content is more, the sugar content is slightly lower, the cork layer of the exocarp is less, the fruit surface is smooth, and the fruit picking period is earlier. . The inner bag should be high-quality paraffin wax, with a melting point of about 56°C and uniform waxing. This kind of inner bag has good moisture-proof and heat-resistant properties, which is beneficial to maintain the relative stability of the small loop lens in the bag. Special attention must be paid to the fact that there are low-priced decorative paper bags on the market today. The surface paper is significantly different from the fruit-growing bag. The surface paper of the flower bag is smooth and thin, and the outer surface is printed with various patterns, and the inner surface is light in color. This kind of paper is more common in the liner paper of printing and dyeing factories, because most of the dyes are poisonous, so this kind of fruit bagging should be minimized. The use of unqualified paper bags can also cause apple black spots, and there will also be problems such as early peeling of apples, sunburn, deformity, uneven greening, uneven fruit surface, and uneven coloring. Therefore, fruit merchants should choose high-quality apple fruit paper bags.
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