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Do white cardboard bags have to be laminated?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-08
Many of the current white cardboard bags are coated. Because the film can improve the toughness and bursting resistance of the paper, protect the printed image, and improve the service life and aesthetics of the handbag. The question is, does the white cardboard gift bag need to be laminated? ? The biggest feature of white cardboard is high hardness, smoothness and firmness. Because it is a single-sided coating, the printed image is not as sharp and clear as double copper paper, and the color expression is not good. If the white cardboard gift bag is not coated, the paper will be more brittle after printing, the printed image may fade, and the line may burst when indented. Even when the gift bags were shipped at that time, the gift bags seemed to have no problems, but the quality was not guaranteed, and problems were prone to occur later, and complaints from customers. The most serious may be rework or permanent loss of customers. Does UV craft handbags only have the process of laminating to protect paper bags? In fact, it is not. If the budget is sufficient, oil or UV printing can also be used, both of which can protect the gift paper bags and prolong the service life of the gift paper bags. If you do not know what kind of paper to choose when you need to make a tote bag, please call us: We will serve you wholeheartedly.
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