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Do paper bags have to be covered with film?

by:XuanYing     2021-06-18
Do portable paper bags have to be covered with sub-film? I think that in everyone’s cognitive ability, portable paper bags with sub-film are obviously better than without sub-film. Portable paper bags can be longer after being sub-filmed. It can be used for a long period of time, maintain beautiful colors, and is also moisture-proof. Although there are so many benefits of sub-filming, net weaving is still not recommended for portable paper bags to be sub-filmed. Let's take a look at it together. As the development trend of portable paper bags, portable paper bags do not need to be covered with sub-film. There is no doubt that the portable paper bag has two functions. One is to maintain the stability of the paper, which can also increase the net weight. The other is to prevent moisture to the extent necessary. It needs a smooth surface, which is easy to complement each other, and it is not easy to produce various artistic and aesthetic defects, such as bubbles. Since the portable paper bag is directly pressed with wood fiber, it is a long chemical fiber. Compared with other raw materials, it can also bear other weight. Sometimes the surface is rough and it is very easy to produce small bubbles, resulting in an unsightly appearance. Generally speaking, it is not recommended to cover portable paper bags. Some unique paper portable paper bags pursuing perfect hand feel generally do not cover the film. Because of the current regulations on product quality, there are also many special papers, such as touch paper, pearl paper and refill paper, in the research and development of raw materials for standard paper bags. The first feature of those raw materials is to use paper as much as possible to imitate the texture of other raw materials. It is because it best reflects the texture, so if people are in this type of material, they must touch it directly with their hands to create a feeling. If the raw material is covered by plastic film, there is no slippery feeling. Then it loses the practical significance of making unique printing paper. Under normal circumstances, portable paper bags made of special paper do not use film. Generally speaking, we can see that not necessarily all portable paper bags are suitable for lamination, such as kraft paper bags and paper bags with unique tactile materials do not need lamination, because after lamination, it will affect the original paper bag. Effect. Therefore, if the paper bag is laminated, it must first be done according to the customer's requirements, and secondly, it depends on whether the material of the paper bag is suitable for laminating.
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