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Description of the characteristics of paper bags in paper bag manufacturers and introduction to the use of paper ropes

by:XuanYing     2021-06-03
With the improvement of people's environmental protection concept, more and more people choose to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. But do you really understand paper bags? Today, I just collected some common knowledge about paper bags from paper bag manufacturers. Do you know the special characteristics of paper bags? What is the role of the paper rope on the paper bag? The following is an introduction to 'The description of the characteristics of paper bags in paper bag manufacturers and the introduction of the use of paper ropes'. Paper bag manufacturers tell you some special characteristics of paper bags: paper bags can be seen everywhere in our lives, and it has brought us a lot of help, especially environmentally friendly handbags, not only can be environmentally friendly, but also can improve the grade, use it for us In terms of people, it is a role that has the best of both worlds. Paper bag science is a comprehensive subject based on two points: First, the subject content is a comprehensive system. Grease-proof paper bag science not only summarizes and transforms human’s long-term practical knowledge of paper bags, and raises it to rational knowledge, but also The relevant knowledge of disciplines such as natural sciences, technical sciences, social sciences, humanities and aesthetics is summarized and integrated into a disciplinary framework. Its theories and methods are based on the synthesis of theories and methods of multiple disciplines. Second, when paper bag science requires paper bag design and paper bag management, the research and solution of problems must be comprehensively analyzed and balanced. It is necessary to consider both technological advancement and technological feasibility. We must attach importance to economic rationality. Therefore, we say that paper bag science is a comprehensive subject. The natural functions of paper bags refer to those performance characteristics that can effectively protect the quality and quantity of products, provide a variety of conveniences for production, circulation and consumption, and bring material benefits to the society. The social function of paper bags refers to those performance characteristics that can meet people's psychological needs, promote product sales, beautify the living environment, and bring spiritual benefits to the society. The natural and social functions of the paper bag are unified with the paper bag product or the product paper bag object. The optimized combination of the two is the prerequisite for good economic and social benefits, and is the central content of paper bag science research. Paper bag manufacturers will introduce you to the role of the paper rope on the paper bag: now shopping malls basically use environmentally friendly kraft paper bags as the packaging of goods, especially clothing stores, shoe stores, and so on. Maybe you didn’t pay attention. A small kraft paper environmental protection paper bag, from material selection, design to production, requires many steps. Depending on the purpose, you also need to pay attention to the material selection. For example, a clothing store needs to find a certain waterproof, Kraft paper with moisture-proof function, etc. In terms of structure, the eco-friendly shopping bag can also be divided into a bag body and bag ears. Both the body of the shopping bag and the handle of the paper bag are made of kraft paper. On the same environmental protection bag, the selection of the body and the handle are often different. In fact, most eco-friendly kraft paper shopping bags are made separately from the body and the handle during production. Because of the different packaging requirements, there are many options for the material selection of the bag body, and the material selection of the paper bag handle is relatively single. The main requirement is that the paper rope handle has good toughness and avoids being easily broken. The handle of the kraft paper handbag is also the paper rope we often say. It is usually made of kraft paper uniformly and then processed on the machine to make the rope finished product, usually cylindrical and flat. Generally, the finished kraft paper packaging paper bag is glued on the bag body through a special process to make a complete kraft paper environmental protection packaging bag. The above introduction about 'paper bag manufacturers tell you some special characteristics of paper bags' and 'paper bag manufacturers introduce you to the role of paper ropes on paper bagsIntroduction' helps.
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