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by:XuanYing     2021-06-24
Need to know about paper bag customization: please provide the specifications, paper quality, thickness (gram weight), additional technology, printing requirements, customized quantity, etc. of the paper bag. Additional processes include: bronzing, hot silver, bumping, partial glazing, rivets, laminating, whether to add a bottom plate, etc. (The quantity is very important, because the paper bag customization needs to consider many issues such as version fee, start-up fee, loss and so on). Optional paper white cardboard: white cardboard is firm and thick, has high stiffness, burst resistance and smoothness , The paper surface is flat, the commonly used thickness is 210-300 grams of white cardboard, and the most used is 210 grams of white cardboard. The paper bags printed with white cardboard are full of color and the texture of the paper is very good! Coated paper: Coated paper is characterized by a very smooth surface, high whiteness, high smoothness, and good gloss. It also makes the printed graphics and pictures have a three-dimensional effect. The commonly used thickness is 128g-300g. Coated paper The printing effect is the same as that of white cardboard, and the color is full and bright. Compared with white cardboard, the stiffness is not as good as that of white cardboard. Whiteboard paper: Whiteboard paper is a kind of cardboard with white and smooth front side and gray bottom on the back. The commonly used thickness is 250g-350g. Whiteboard paper is white on one side and gray on the other side. The price is relatively cheaper than that of white cardboard. Natural kraft paper (yellow kraft paper): kraft paper has high tensile strength and high strength. It is usually brownish-yellow, with high tear strength, breaking power and dynamic strength. It is widely used in shopping bags, envelopes, etc. Commonly used natural kraft paper with a thickness of 120 g-300 g. Kraft paper is generally suitable for printing single-color or two-color and uncomplicated color manuscripts. Compared with white cardboard, white kraft paper and art paper, the price of yellow kraft paper is relatively low. Black cardboard: Black cardboard is characterized by fine paper quality, penetrating black, strong and thick, good folding endurance, smooth surface, good stiffness, good tensile force, high burst resistance, etc. The commonly used thickness is 120g-350g The black cardboard, because the black cardboard is black inside and outside, it can no longer be printed with colorful patterns, it is only suitable for bronzing, silver, etc. The bags made are also very beautiful. White kraft paper: White kraft paper has high bursting resistance, good toughness, high strength, stable thickness and color image. According to relevant national regulations, supermarkets restrict the use of plastic bags, and foreign countries, Europe and the United States promote the use of environmentally friendly paper bags, and strictly control plastics Pollution, plastic bags will be replaced by environmentally friendly paper bags, and the white kraft paper market is promising. Made of 100% pure wood pulp, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and recyclable, white kraft paper has good toughness, and does not need to be coated. It is widely used to make environmentally friendly clothing handbags, high-end shopping bags, etc. Commonly used white kraft paper with a thickness of 120 to 200 grams, the paper has no brightness and gloss, white kraft paper is not suitable for printing content with too much ink. Special paper: For customers with higher requirements, it is recommended that you contact the owner to recommend special paper for you. There are also many varieties of special paper, which can be determined according to your requirements. Optional paper bag hand rope: paper rope, carpet silk rope, cotton rope, wide flat rope, polyester tape, herringbone pattern, ribbed tape, etc. Handbag processing custom selection, free design, national distribution. Paper bag factory, 11-year paper bag custom manufacturer, 16 quality inspection control, 3 hot melt adhesive design, national service hotline 139-0652-6950. Advanced production equipment, 7 days out Goods, paper bags can be customized with confidence.
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