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Conventional size and craftsmanship of gift tote bags

by:XuanYing     2021-06-07
Paper bag material: white cardboard, coated paper, gray-bottomed whiteboard, white-bottomed whiteboard, yellow kraft paper, white kraft paper, black cardboard, special paper, etc. Paper thickness: 128g-157g-190g-210g-230g -250g-300g-350g LOGO process: ordinary printing, three-dimensional screen printing, hot stamping, laser convex, concave and convex, UV and other handbag sizes according to the color required by the customer: the general standard size is divided into positive and generous three-opening, There are three kinds of quarto or folio. Printing form: four-color printing, spot-color printing, four-color + spot-color printing. Handbag rope: low-elastic silk, cotton rope, nylon rope, three-strand rope, cotton sand rope, ribbon, ribbon, and kraft paper special paper rope.
The importance of LOGO on paper bags
The company logo printed on the paper bag is not very complicated. To be clean, concise and characteristic, over-processing is obviously unwise, because they need to efficiently evoke the brand impression in consumers' minds. Sometimes a LOGO has been used for too long, and some companies need to rename or change their trademark images. Trendy logos may bring more opportunities for companies, and may allow them to improve their economic conditions and gain a wider consumer base. When printing company LOGO, you can use UV or bronzing and silvering processes to highlight it. Make the brand image more prominent.
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