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Boutique designed kraft paper bag packaging

by:XuanYing     2021-06-07
Kraft paper bags are non-toxic, odorless, green and environmentally friendly, comply with environmental protection grades, have high toughness, and are highly ecological and environmentally friendly. They are the first of the most fashionable environmentally friendly packaging materials in the world at this stage. The use of kraft paper to make kraft paper bags has become more and more common. When shopping in large supermarkets, large shopping malls, clothing stores, shoe stores, etc., kraft paper bags are usually supplied, which is convenient for customers to carry and buy items. Kraft paper bag is a kind of environmentally friendly packaging bag with many types. The kraft paper bag processing technology indicates that the kraft paper bag should be made of imported Canadian milky white kraft paper or imported Russian light yellow kraft paper or other domestic brand paper as the substrate. Pp material can be used to coat a layer of film on the paper, which has the effect of waterproof material and the compressive strength of the packaging bag. It can also be made into three-layer/four-layer/five-layer according to the customer's requirements, packaging, printing and bag making are integrated, and it is made by sewing machine production and processing, heat sealing or paper sealing. Technical parameters of kraft paper bag Suitable form: one-time use, strong shape: middle seal Material: pp polypropylene, kraft paper Filling capacity: 15KG-30KG Sewing method: paper back cover, heat seal bottom lining: inner liner paper, inner film bag kraft paper bag main Uses: Chemical raw materials, edible additives, pharmaceutical additives, building decoration materials, shopping, clothing and other industries that can be used in kraft paper bags.
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