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Benefits using kraft paper bags

Benefits using kraft paper bags


Plastics environmental pollution due to plastic packaging bags. Recently, the view of protection of ecology has been positively promoted, because human activities have caused serious changes in the overall balance of ecosystems, destroying it, and changed its own operation. Everyone is talking about reducing emissions and controlling production waste. Based on the above point of view, more and more people who use the kraft paper bag replace plastic packaging.

For us, we used plastic bags have become a habit. Different shapes and size, color and volume, each family has such a bag. Plastic bags accompany us to work, rest, study, go to the store, sometimes even just walk, life without a bag is hard to imagine. But this type of product has several obvious disadvantages. First of all, this is a fairly complex production cycle, which uses oil (in view of the limited reserves and applications of oil, oil has many more useful extracts), a lot of waste. The main disadvantage is that the usual polyethylene is not easily degraded, and its natural decomposition time depends on the type and manufacturing technology of the raw material, several hundreds of hundred years. Every day, millions of used bags are thrown into nature, pollute the environment.

What can I replace such familiar materials? The answer is that there is a way out, and it seems closer, easier, more favorable to the environment. This is a paper bag. For decades, whether it is groceries or expensive boutique clothes. Western housewives do not hesitate to put things in ordinary paper bags

Of course, wood is used in paper, which has a negative impact on the world around us, but don't forget the simplicity of easy-to-workability and subsequent processing.

It is worth mentioning that the appearance of betech paper. It is made of special treatment for cellulose, digestion during processing. The resulting paper has a relatively high strength and density, highly environmentally friendly, and is also very easy to use and further processed. It is used to produce food packaging, used to store food bags for food and non-food products. A common bag made from recycled materials is loved by catering enterprises.

Starbucks Coffee using kraft paper bag

The advantages of kraft paper bag include easy to carry, low cost, can quickly create factories for producing products, widely used, and absolutely harmless to humans and environments.

Even throw away, the kraft paper bag will be fully decomposed in the underground microbial in the short term. Special impregnation of natural raw materials makes this bag not afraid of tide, when it is heated, even if the unprocessed packaging does not release any harmful compound, the kraft paper becomes an ideal choice for packaging fresh baking food and hot products. Moreover, of course, for small and medium-sized enterprises, an important advantage is that low cost, which means that the marketing cost is reduced, which is very advantageous.

Kraft paper, according to the fine difference of processing, the package can be natural, light brown with brown, or white, which helps further packaging design for finished products.

Gradually, the kraft paper bag is increasingly common in the daily life of consumers, hoping to further speed up this process, maximizing the non-environmentally friendly and difficulty in manufacturing plastic bags.

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