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Are paper bags really more environmentally friendly than plastic bags? What do you think?

by:XuanYing     2021-05-31
The environmental pollution of foam plastics is getting more and more serious today. Plastic bags have been criticized as their part. Large shopping malls, small shopping malls, and farmers’ markets have stopped showing free packaging bags. Many large shopping malls have shown paper shopping bags and abandoned the foam. Application of plastic shopping bags. 1. The whole process of the vitality of the packaging bag takes into account whether an object is green enough for environmental protection. It is not only to consider whether it will be degraded after being used and abandoned by you. I think it starts from the moment when a product is manufactured. , Every step of its vitality journey bears a negative impact on the natural environment, until these commodities are used as waste and are eliminated by waste materials. These processes are called 'the life cycle of enterprise products'. If there are so many different paper bags and plastic packaging bags, the reference answer is not as obvious as before when only considering that the packaging bags are more difficult to be chemically degraded. The raw material of paper bags is of course paper. The modern paper industry will come from flowers and trees, or recycled paper products after the purchase of waste paper products. If pure pulp is used, it is of course necessary to harvest trees. This environmental impact assessment needs to be added to the paper bag, which is not so innocent. If recycled paper is used, I think the crime of felling trees is missing, but the whole process of waste paper recycling, cleaning, deinking, and repulping will actually cause a lot of dust concentration and waste water, and it will cost a lot of money. Energy conversion. Moreover, recycled paper is due to the short chemical fiber and weaker load capacity. The domestic use of it to make paper bags is still relatively small, and a large amount of it is made into printing paper. In other words, most of the paper bags you use may be made of pure pulp. The raw materials for the production of plastic packaging bags are ethylene fractionated from petroleum. The whole process of ethylene polymer is a very mature processing technology. If the simplicity is seen from the energy consumption and environmental pollution of this processing process, the production of high pressure Polyethylene plastic bags are less expensive and less environmentally polluting than paper bags, and may be more economical. 2. Are plastic bags really energy-saving and environmentally friendly? In 2006, the Scottish government issued a comprehensive assessment report on the environmental hazards of plastic bags and paper bags. The entire life cycle of second-hand recycling or waste is compared in all directions. As a result, many people's expectations are expected. The following report from the American Society of Natural Environmental Toxicology and Organic Chemistry also explains this in detail. 3. The original sin and non-degradability of plastic bags have been pointed out as the original sin of plastic bags, but they don't know that its impact is not only combined with the low recycling rate. 'Non-degradable' sounds very scary, but in fact, in addition to plastic products, metal and glass products are not degradable. The natural corrosion of glass products takes about 1,000 years, which is five times that of plastic products. People are not strictly prohibiting all the raw materials, so the key to the problem lies in whether the non-degradable raw materials can be properly handled. The embarrassment of plastic bag disposal depends on the environmental pollution of the incineration process, and the landfill pollutes the farmland, so comprehensive utilization becomes the best place for it. Plastics can also be comprehensively used several times. However, the recycling rate of plastic bags is relatively low. One key reason is that garbage classification and recycling in our country is relatively poor. Those plastic bags that have been thrown down randomly are scattered in the streets and alleys, causing 'garbage pollution' that can be seen everywhere, and they are later swept away by sanitation workers for incineration or landfill. The way to deal with hastily. Another reason is that plastic products such as plastic bags and plastic boxes that people usually use, because of the low content of monomer plastics, the economic benefits of recycling are poor. Plastic bags that don't make money are destined to be abandoned by the acquired company. Recently, after using plastic shopping bags, many people use them again to load things, use them for several shopping trips, or use them as household garbage bags. And after such several applications, the packaging bag can still be used comprehensively again. 4. Renewable reuse is the solution. Originally, plastics can also be recycled and reused into raw materials for plastic making and raw materials for hot power generation. Since then, the use of waste, but the low utilization rate has blocked all of this, European plastics The standard addition recovery rate is about 45%. The standard addition recovery rates in Germany and Japan are both above 60%, but the recovery rate in my country is only 25%. However, in recent years, as our people’s core concept of green environmental protection has improved, everyone has realized that 'green water and green mountains mean golden mountains and silver mountains.' The Ministry of Environmental Protection has also made great efforts to control environmental pollution, and governments at all levels have also issued various systems, regulations, and norms for environmental pollution and garbage classification. Learning from the experience of waste classification in the United States, first introducing complete systems and regulations for environmental protection waste treatment, and then supporting legal measures to ensure the implementation of the regulations, we have reason to believe that our plastic recycling will become better and better in the future. Plastic material is one of the greatest inventions since the 19th century. There is nothing wrong with it. What's wrong is that there is a problem with the way we use and handle it. If we can do a good job in sorting garbage and increase its recycling rate, then plastic materials will eventually become a weapon for us to reduce environmental pollution and improve resource utilization.
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